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Rainbow Six streamers swear more than any other type of content creator, study finds

Holy ****, it’s official, Rainbow Six Siege streamers and YouTubers swear more than content creators in other games.

According to a new study, they swear almost ten times every ****ing minute, or almost 600 times per hour.

FIFA streamers were in second place with 552 expletives per hour, and CoD: Warzone streamers were close behind, with 484 swearwords per hour.

Halo, GTA V, CSGO, Fortnite and Apex Legends content creators followed in the list.

Buzz Bingo sat through 100 Twitch streams and YouTube gaming broadcasts for 25 hours in August 2021 to discover the most foul-mouthed players and streamers across the most popular games.

The team watched each stream for 15 minutes and took note of every expletive/curseword uttered to collect the data for analysis. **** me, that must have been some task.

Every expletive uttered by each streamer was recorded against the game they were playing and the team then calculated the mean average based on all expletives used by gamers.

As mentioned, Rainbow Six Siege and FIFA 21 came out on top with players swearing every 6 seconds on average.

You can see the full results of the study in the table below:

Name of GameExpletives per hourExpletives per 15 minsSwears per minSeconds per swearword
Rainbow Six Siege5841469.736.16
FIFA 215521389.206.52
COD: Warzone4841218.077.43
Halo MCC4361097.278.25
GTA V4281077.138.41
Counter Strike4281077.138.41
APEX Legends396996.609.09
Dark Souls 3384966.409.37
Chivalry 2380956.339.47
F1 2020356895.9310.1
Rocket League340855.6710.5
League of Legends276694.6013.04
Resident Evil: Village256644.2714.06
Forza Horizon 4224443.7320.45

xQc named the sweariest content creator – and PewDiePie the least

Finally, the study analysed which gaming streamer swore the most and the results found that xQc was top of the leader board swearing 308 times in a 1-hour gaming session!

This equates to 77 expletives per 15 minutes, 5.13 swears per minute and 11.6 swears per second.

Shockingly, Youtube’s most famous streamer Pewdiepie was found to swear the least! Pewdiepie keeps it fairly PG on his channel by only swearing 48 times in a 1-hour gaming session which equates to 12 expletives per 15 minutes, 0.80 swears per minute and 75 swears per second.

Which gaming format has the angriest playerbase?

The study also analysed which console the players were using.

The study found that PC gamers are the most toxic on voice chat, swearing on an average 380 times over a course of a one-hour gaming session.

Following behind in second place were Xbox players who swore an average of 368 times per hour, which equates to 6.1 swears per minute.

PlayerbaseExpletives per hourExpletives per 15 minsSwears per minSeconds per swearword

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