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Week 4 Atlas Skew Confluence Guide; Ager’s Scepter Quest


The hunt for Atlas Skews continues in Destiny 2 as of week three of Season of the Lost. Last week we hunted them down in the Strand, and this week we’ll be searching in Rheasilvia and Harbinger’s Seclude. It looks like we’ll be needing to do this one more time after this week in order to progress the Ager’s Scepter trade rifle exotic quest. If you’re here, you’re probably looking to get the Atlas Skews for week 4 in Destiny 2. Here’s where they all are.

First things first, you need to get to The Confluence — an area that is quite hidden away in The Dreaming City and doesn’t really serve much of a purpose anymore since you can enter The Shattered Throne from the Director.

Harbinger Cathedral

Atlas Skews Week 4

The easiest way, for the purposes of this guide, to get to all the Atlas Skews, including this one, is to enter via the Harbinger Temple. If you remember collecting the Atlas Skew from the Ahamkara Heads last week, simply return to that area and proceed down the path overlooking the cliffside. You’ll eventually reach a portal that will take you into The Confluence.

Pretty much right where you enter in, you’ll see the Atlas Skew pictured above.

Confluence Throne Portal

Atlas Skews Week 4

atlas skews week 4

The next three Skews are all in the same general area in various hallways connected to the big room that you’ll stumble on as you proceed from the first Skew towards the central area of The Confluence.

For this Atlas Skew, proceed down the center path if you’re entering the room from the Harbinger portal. Even if you get turned around, it’s not a huge area. Wander around and you’ll stumble into this distinct-looking room and this Atlas skew.

Confluence Giant Crystal

Atlas Skews Week 4

atlas skews week 4

Like the last Skew, you’ll enter this room by taking another one of the hallway paths from the big central room. It’s pretty hard to miss this Skew because, as its name would suggest, it’s next to a giant crystal. Don’t need to be an expert in anything to collect this Skew.

Confluence Tree Triad

Atlas Skews Week 4

Continuing on the theme of really easy crystals connected to the big room in The Confluence, this Skew, unsurprisingly, is right next to the big tree.

Collect this skew but don’t leave the room. The final skew is actually on the path behind the tree from where you entered this room.

Garden Entry Statue

Atlas Skews Week 4

If you’ve followed this guide from beginning to end, you should have no problems finding this one. Simply walk past the tree as we mentioned in the last section, and then follow the path around. You’ll enter the Garden, then towards the end of the path near the portal back to the Garden area, you’ll see the final Atlas Skew.

After this, you’re finally done collecting these stupid Skews! You’ll have a new grind to do instead, in order to wrap up the exotic quest for Ager’s Scepter. Check out our full exotic quest guide right here if you’re moving on to the next step.

Hopefully, that helped you find all of the Atlas Skews for week 4! For the rest of our Destiny 2 content, including Season of the Lost and the latest on The Witch Queen expansion, browse our most recent articles right here.

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