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Addicting Games acquires 2D tank arena game Diep.io | Pocket Gamer.biz

US casual gaming site Addicting Games has acquired 2D tank arena game Diep.io for an undisclosed amount.

Diep.io was launched in 2016 by developer Matheus Valadares and the main objective is to destroy different polygon objects and killing other players, which earns points, thus levelling up players.

Diep.io is available on web browsers and Android and iOS devices.

The game is the second of Valadares to be acquired by Addicting Games, the first being Bubble Tanks, which still maintains its original form on the Addicting games site.

The acquisition continues Addicting Games’ content growth strategy following the success of other ‘io’ titles, including Mope.io, EV.IO, and Little Big Snak.io.

In the past two years, Addicting Game acquired two io games, Starve.io and Mope.io, both of which are available on mobile devices and the web.

Addicting Games CEO Bill Karamousiz says that the website plans to implement YouTube and Twitch integrations in the future to bring more exposure to content creators on the platform.

Tank you very much

“We are excited to welcome Diep.io to the Addicting Games family,” said Karamousiz.

“Diep.io has a large fanbase and paved the way for io games. Through this acquisition we plan to add daily and weekly in-game leaderboards, new game modes, achievements and cosmetics and rebuild the mobile version from scratch to improve the player experience and grow the player base.”

“We hope our efforts will bring new players to Diep but also we hope players understand we have a legacy of celebrating and preserving the games lots of people grew up playing.”

Earlier this month, Steel Media’s parent organisation Enthusiast Gaming acquired Addicting Games for $34 million. Diep.io will be included in the games and brands included in the terms of the acquisition.

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