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How to Beat Lord Ganabelt Boss Fight

Tales of Arise is absolutely full of boss fights and the majority of them can be tough to get through. If you’re looking for some pointers on how to take down Lord Ganabelt, we can help. Here’s how to beat the Lord Ganabelt boss fight in Tales of Arise.

How to Beat Lord Ganabelt in Tales of Arise

Law explains the plan in a skit before the boss battle, but essentially, you’ll want to use Law’s Boost Attack to destroy Ganabelt’s shields before you start going all-out. Ganabelt uses Light and Lightning element moves, so equip party members with Alexandrite to reduce Light/Dark damage by 50% and Shock Charms to prevent paralysis.

You can fast travel to any blacksmith, then fast travel back into the dungeon if you want to craft Alexandrite and Shock Charms that have bonus attributes.

Lord Ganabelt Boss Phase 1

Ganabelt has a barrier that protects him from being staggered throughout the fight. Use Law’s Boost Attack to create temporary openings for you to deal serious damage. Also, pay attention to when he starts casting artes. Use Rinwell’s Boost Attack to interrupt those as soon as possible.

It’ll feel like your Boost interruptions and attacks aren’t doing very much, but after a few Boost Attacks, a cutscene will play and Law will completely destroy Ganabelt’s barriers. Until then, attack cautiously and interrupt like in the clip below.

Outside of artes, Ganabelt can zip around the battlefield like lightning and use electric attacks to paralyze you. These include slow, homing electric orbs and lightning strikes. He also has quick sword swipes to look out for, but those can be dodged fairly easily if you aren’t constantly chaining melee artes or attacking endlessly from close range.

Try not to get stuck mashing out combos and pay attention to when he raises his sword to swing it. He also has defensive lightning that’ll surround him, so dodge away if you see blue lightning forming in a ring above his head.

Lord Ganabelt Boss Phase 2

At about 50% health, Ganabelt will start charging a Mystic Arte inside of a barrier that you can’t get through. He’ll also surround himself with four clones, so you’ll need to take them down to stop him from finishing the arte. If you don’t, he’ll strike you with Indignation, dealing damage to every character in your party.

It’s difficult to take out the clones, so instead, switch to thinking about damage control if it’s looking like you can’t take them out. Make sure Shionne is at/near full health so that she can resurrect and heal the rest of the party after Ganabelt’s Mystic Arte.

The clones will stick around and you’ll still have to fight them as they use most of the same artes that he does. Rinwell is key here if the clones are still around — she can stop all of them from casting at once, which can save your life.

Near the very end, with his health in the red and almost gone, Ganabelt will start casting his Indignation Mystic Arte again without the clones this time. He’ll continue to do this over and over again by entering Over Limit repeatedly until you finish the fight.

You need to attack him enough to reduce his health to zero and perform a Strike Attack to finish off the fight when the D-Pad prompt appears on the screen.

Just make sure that Shionne always has enough health to take the Indignation hit, and replenish your CP with an Orange Gel if you can. You might get hit once or twice like in the clip below, but you’ll have enough time between Mystic Artes to finally defeat Ganabelt.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Ganabelt boss fight in Tales of Arise. Have a look at our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs if you need more pointers.

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