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How to Beat Kalmarzel & Kaldinzel Boss Fight

Sometimes, Tales of Arise will throw two bosses at you at once to shake things up a bit. Whenever this happens, get ready for a real challenge. These twin tigers can be a bit wild, but we’ve got some tips to help you out. Here’s how to beat the Kalmarzel and Kaldinzel boss fight in Tales of Arise.

How to Beat Kalmarzel & Kaldinzel in Tales of Arise

The game tricks you into thinking this is an easy boss by having you fight Kalmarzel all by itself in the beginning. This zeugle boss’s weak point is on its right foreleg which is a pretty dangerous place to try to attack. But you don’t have much choice if you’re a strictly close-range arte user like Alphen, Law, or Kisara.

Kalmarzel & Kaldinzel Boss Phase 1

Kalmarzel uses Lightning element artes to summon electricity that strikes the ground around it, so have Rinwell interrupt with her Boost Attack and equip a few Shock Charms to prevent paralysis. It’ll also bite three times in quick succession, swipe with its claws, and constantly use a roar that stuns close attackers and deals a bit of damage.

Interrupting its arte casting with Rinwell is the key to making it stop all of its actions temporarily, which should give you enough time to destroy its weak point. Alphen’s Boost Attack has the same effect, so use it whenever his Boost Gauge (BG) is full.

When Kalmarzel gets down to 50% health, Kaldinzel will appear. This one uses Ice element attacks, so a Freeze Charm will prevent you from being frozen if you have any in your inventory. Don’t even bother attacking this new beast until you’ve taken down the first one.

Focus on Kalmarzel to finish it off because it should be getting low by this point. It’ll enter Over Limit just like all bosses do and you won’t be able to interrupt it. So, try to avoid its new homing electric orbs and lightning strikes instead of wasting Rinwell’s Boost while it’s in Over Limit. Its weak point should be back, so focus on destroying that again to take it out for good.

Kalmarzel & Kaldinzel Boss Phase 2

The game throws another twist at you in phase two, but this boss fight gets significantly easier once one of the bosses is out of the picture and your party isn’t being tag-teamed.

Kaldinzel has a weak spot on its left foreleg and the game plan is essentially the same. Though, a little while after you take down Kalmarzel, the two monsters will fuse together and regain health before you can even defeat the second one.

This new fusion uses both electric and ice moves, and the new attacks you have to look out for are the ice ones. It will cause ice to shoot out of the ground at you in a straight line, create giant ice pillars around itself, and charge around the arena.

Don’t try to go for long close-range combos unless the zeugle is clearly down or else you’ll regret it. Use Kisara’s Boost to stop its charge move and Rinwell’s Boost to stop its casting, which will stun it temporarily.

Alphen’s Boost can also down it briefly any time that it isn’t in Over Limit. It’s weak to fire, so Alphen’s Boost and Blazing Sword moves are perfect here offensively if you have enough heath to use them.

Honestly, this zeugle can be locked down in a loop if you have the right Boost passives for Rinwell and Alphen. If they regenerate Boost Attacks fast enough, you’ll always be able to stop its artes and deal serious damage to its weak point with fire. Kaldinzel will repeatedly get up and get knocked back down if you can maintain this cycle.

It can’t be staggered when it enters Over Limit, but by then, its health will be in the red and almost fully depleted.

Unlike most bosses, no new game-changing moves will be used even after this one falls below 50%, so continue to overwhelm it offensively with Alphen and Rinwell just like with the first monster. This fight will be over in no time.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Kaldinzel and Kalmarzel boss fight in Tales of Arise. Be sure to have a look at our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and boss guides if you need more pointers.

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