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The upcoming Perfect Dark reboot will be co-developed by Crystal Dynamics

Not much has been heard about the Perfect Dark reboot since it was announced back in December of last year. But some more information has just come out courtesy of the developer, The Initiative. While no game details were teased, the developer announced that Perfect Dark will be co-developed by Crystal Dynamics. The company made the first two Tomb Raider reboots and, most recently, Marvel’s Avengers. This announcement dropped alongside an image of Joanna Dark shooting a dude while apparently holding a second dude hostage. She’s so good at killing people, isn’t she?

The Perfect Dark series hasn’t had a new entry since 2005’s Perfect Dark Zero, which acted as a launch title for the Xbox 360. Fan reaction was on the negative side, as the game was missing so much of what fans loved about the original. Rare never released a follow-up. Of course, a remastered version of the original game was released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. This version completely retextured the game, as well as included brand new models for characters and weapons. It was included in Rare Replay, and I’m still mad about that not ever getting a PC version. I may actually die mad about that. That’s gonna be a long list, regardless.

Perfect Dark will be co-developed by Crystal Dynamics

The Initiative was founded in 2018, and Perfect Dark is the only thing it has worked on. The studio features the director of both Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboots, so it’s not the biggest shock that this particular band is getting back together. Of course, this makes me wonder what this means for Crystal Dynamics as a whole, as this is the first time in a while that the studio hasn’t been working with Square Enix. We’ll have more on the game as information is known, and I’ll continue to be mad about Rare Replay. Deal? Deal.

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