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UK streamer Vicksy secures early Vex pentakill on live servers and reaches her highest viewer numbers on Twitch

One of the first Vex pentakills since the champion was added to live servers (possibly the first on an English stream) has been pulled off by UK streamer Vicksy.

The 26-year-old from London is known for playing mid-lane in League of Legends, with champs like Zoe, and she regularly reaches Master tier. Vicksy also has experience in UK esports, having played in the scene years ago before transitioning to streaming and also taking part in Twitch Rivals tournaments.

Vicksy has really taken to the latest LoL champion, Vex, the Gloomy Mage, who was released onto live servers yesterday (September 23rd).

Vicksy spent time putting together a guide on Mobafire for Vex, which is currently featured on the Mobafire homepage, and she played a lot of the new control mage on stream last night.

The mid-laner had come close to securing a pentakill a few times on stream, before managing to get one and celebrating her achievement with a squeal of delight!

Vicksy also made another achievement – the highest viewer numbers she’s seen so far on Twitch. Numbers were just shy of 4,000, reaching 3,750 according to Twitchmetrics.

Vicksy’s first Vex Twitch VoD has also been viewed more than 40,000 times, and she was sitting amongst some League of Legends royalty on Twitch at one point last night.

“For English League of Legends streams [on Twitch right now in terms of popularity], it’s Tyler1, LCS, Doublelift, then me,” Vicksy said. “That’s weird.

“It’s been a crazy day – the highest view count I’ve ever had on my own, so I’m proud of that,” Vicksy said. “It’s been awesome.

“I’ll be back tomorrow (Friday), potentially even earlier, because Vex. Thank you guys so much for the subs and follows.”

It’s great to see UK League of Legends talent like Vicksy getting the attention they deserve – she’s put a lot of hard work in over the years – and the grind is paying off.

You can follow Vicksy on Twitch and see Vicksy’s Twitter profile here

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