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UK org Lionscreed partners with esports cafe chain Wanyoo

UK esports organisation Lionscreed has today announced a new partnership with esports studio and gaming cafe chain Wanyoo.

The partnership will provide Lionscreed team members with access to all of Wanyoo’s facilities for use as a training ground, along with co-production opportunities for events, tournaments and activities sponsored by Wanyoo.

Wanyoo currently has four studios in the UK: Charing Cross, Canary Wharf, Coventry and a Westfield London branch, which Wanyoo opened in May 2021.

Since 1998, Wanyoo has been creating multiplayer game spaces. It now operates 800 locations in more than 83 cities worldwide, with a collective membership of over 16m.

Wanyoo esports studios feature pay-as-you-go PC zones as well as cafe areas, with a ‘butler-style’ food and drink service. Each gaming station features a service button to request staff for refreshment orders.

We visit the Wanyoo UK Esports Studio in Charing Cross: Check out our review, pictures and video of the gaming cafe here

Wanyoo CEO Zhaorong Chen said: “We welcome every type of player here. From those who are just starting out to veterans, we are always listening, learning, and engaging with our teams and players to ensure they have a high-quality experience and are provided with every opportunity to grow their talents.

“Lionscreed also believes in supporting their players in chasing their dreams and rising to professional levels, so it is a partnership that recognises both our missions.”

Lionscreed was formed in 2019 and operates in CSGO, League of Legends, Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege. Lionscreed says it’s attained 11 title wins and has been featured on BBC Sport Scotland as part of the BBC’s coverage of the Scottish Esports League last year.

Lionscreed said in a statement: “It’s not based solely on our game-winning strategies or the teams’ performances, but it’s really about our ongoing mission to create a community that everyone can engage with, an interactive social networking scene for all gamers: what we call our family, our pride.”

Lionscreed recently announced a new logo and website.

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