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How to Activate Cairn Stones Diablo 2 Resurrected? – Expert Game Reviews

There are a lot of interesting mysteries in Diablo 2 like, for example, secret Cow level. Almost all of them are pretty simple, but some can make you stuck for a while. In this post we will tell you about cairn stones diablo 2. You will learn how to activate them and what other requirements must be met before you can do that.

The Search for Cain quest

First of all, you need to know that Cairn Stones in Diablo 2 is a part of the quest called “The Search for Cain”. You can start the quest from Akara in Act I at Rogue Encampment. Or you can encounter any of the parts needed for the quest which will activate it as well. But first things first. Regardless of whether you accept the quest or just go to do it, you will need to find certain places in two zones. Those are Stony Field and Dark Wood.

Cairn Stones are located in Stony Field. You will easily recognize this place because it is very similar to Stonehenge – tall stones are built in a circle. If you try to interact with them without having the Scroll of Inifuss, then either nothing will happen, or you’ll activate the quest.

In any case, you need to get into the Dark Wood and find the Scroll of Inifuss there, which is hidden in the tree called Tree of Inifuss. Below in the picture you can see how the Tree of Inifuss looks in Diablo 2 Resurrected. You can find the passage to Dark Wood from Stony Field through the caves.

Click on the tree to get the scroll. After that, go to Akara, only she can unravel the code hidden in the Scroll of Inifuss. As a result, she will give you a sequence in which you need to click on the stones to open a portal to the destroyed Tristram. So to activate Cairn Stones Diablo 2 has the sequence that you can find in the Scroll of Inifuss after you show it to Akara.

Now to make everything work right come back to Stony Field and come to Cairn Stones. Then open your inventory and right-click it with your mouse. Those red numbers are the sequence in which you must click Cairn Stones. You can identify the stones by the marks on them.

Cairn Stones

If you do everything right a portal to Tristram will appear in the centre of Cairn Stones. As shown below.

portal to Tristram

Now you know how Cairn Stones Diablo 2 work, but that’s not the end of the quest. Now you need to find and rescue Cain in Tristram. So enter the portal and go searching for a cage that rises above the ground in the very centre of Tristram. It is called Cain’s Gibbet.

Cain's Gibbet

Click on Cain’s Gibbet and wait until he falls down, opens a portal and enters it. After that, you can find Cain in Rogue Encampment near the stash. Talk to him to unlock Diablo 2 identify items in a new way. The point is Cain will identify all your items for free until you start a new game. Also, Cain will follow you to every new Act. That makes Diablo 2 identify items system better, easier and cheaper.

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