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Astria Ascending guides and features hub

Astria Ascending is a JRPG where you control eight demigods who are attempting to thwart the tide of chaos. Your characters have unique capabilities due to their jobs/classes, and you can acquire more boosts as you progress. The game also has several minigames to add more fluff and flavor to your campaign. Here’s our Astria Ascending guides and features hub to help you with everything you need to know.
Note: We’ll be adding more articles to our Astria Ascending guides and features hub, so stay tuned.
Astria Ascending guides and features hub
Starter mechanics and features

Official review – Astria Ascending has a lengthy campaign and lots of stuff for you to do. However, its story and campaign structure tend to be extremely bland and tedious. Is it still worth your while?
How to heal, revive, and restore MP – You’ll definitely want your party to be in tip-top shape.
How to fast travel – Speed up exploration by using those teleportation plate…
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