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How To Fix New World Character Creation Disabled Error

New World is a game developed by Amazon Game Studios. In this game, you explore the land of Aeternum. But what happens when you start the game to create your character to begin your journey but are unable to do so. This is the exact issue a lot of new players are facing in this game. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix the character creation disabled error in New World.

How To Fix the Character Creation Disabled Error

how to fix new world character creation disabled error

These are the possible fixes that you can try as there is no official fix for it just yet. You can try one or all of these fixes until something works out for you.

  • Relaunch the game: This is quite a simple fix and as the name suggests simply shut the game and launch it again. If you are in luck and the servers aren’t overloaded when you restart the game, then you can create your character.
  • Restart your PC: Restarting your PC can help start the game properly. This can be helpful because if your game works properly, then it has a better chance of connecting with the servers.
  • Check the Server Status page: You can check the New World official support page. Here you can find information about if a world is full. Additionally, you will also learn if your server is available to play.
  • Wait: As sad as this fix is there is nothing much you can do when the problem is with the servers. Amazon Games are already working on adding more servers. Once they do, the game should be stable and you shouldn’t face this issue.

Why are you getting this error?

The reason you get this error is to prevent server overload. In their official response, they have addressed that New World is working on adding more servers to the game and increasing the capacity of the servers. They also mentioned about implementing a system that prevents new players from creating a new character on a full server.

A good thing is if you already have a character created or manage to create one, then you won’t face this issue.

That sums up this guide on New World Character Creation Disabled error. While you are waiting to create your character check out our guides on how to get bags and how to get salt in New World.

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