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Battlefield 2042 Beta Unknown Error & Unable To Connect

Many players are unable to connect and play Battlefield 2042 early access Beta due to an Unknown Error. So if you are getting this error know that you are not alone and many others worldwide is getting this problem. So while EA is working on this, let’s look at all the known issues including this unknown error in BF 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Beta Unknown Error During Matchmaking

Battlefield 2042 early access beta has received a massive concurrent player login, never seen before in a Battlefield game before. So the devs were not expecting so many players to log in, and the number of ready servers was not sufficient enough. So now many players are facing this issue while trying to play the game. The Devs are fully focusing on adding more servers. So this issue will be fixed for players step by step.

Battlefield 2042 Beta QR Code Error for Early Access Players

Battlefield 2042 Beta QR Code Error for Early Access Players

According to the official tweet from the devs, this issue is being resolved now. Many players with EA Play, Xbox Ultimate, and pre order is still not able to play Battlefield 2042 Beta due to a QR error. This issue is resolved for us. So hopefully everyone will be able to jump into the game soon, as per devs.

Battlefield 2042 Cross Play Not Working

Currently the game allows you to get into a game along with players from all platforms. But if you have a friend on another platform, you won’t be able to play with them on the same squad. This is a known issue and the DICE studios said that they are working on this issue along with others.

Battlefield 2042 Voice Chat Not Working
Devs have acknowledged that Voice Chat or VOIP is not working right now in Battlefield 2042 early access beta. But don’t worry this will be fixed in the main game release as per the devs. So meanwhile we are left with the Ping system and resort to Discord for voice communications.

So that’s all major issues including unknown error & unable to connect in Battlefield 2042 open beta. While you are here make sure to check out more of our BF 2042 Guides like BF 2042 System Requirements, and Crossplay & Cross Progression Guide.

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