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Monster Hunter Rise Has Now Shipped Over 7.5 Million Units

Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is now comfortably the best-selling of the IP’s Nintendo system entries, a reward no doubt for the quality of its changes and of course the growth of the franchise led by the multiplatform Monster Hunter: World.

This past weekend it picked up a lucrative award, too, the Grand Award in the Games of the Year Division of the Japan Game Awards: 2021. This was unveiled during Tokyo Game Show, and in an investor’s press release Capcom also confirmed that the game has now shipped over 7.5 million copies as of 24th September; that’s a rise of about half a million since late May. Though momentum has understandably levelled off, it’s a game that still has plenty to come that could drive even more sales.

The crossovers and collaborations aren’t quite finished, for example – late October will bring a tie-in with Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection, while November will bring us a blast from the past with a Sonic-themed update. Rise then arrives on PC in January next year, which will boost the userbase further.

Then, following the model setup by World, there’ll be a ‘massive expansion’ next summer called Sunbreak.

It’s a good time to be a Monster Hunter fan.

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