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UK Overwatch player Fusions retires from pro play, Boston Uprising thank him for ‘being a rock for the team’

UK Overwatch professional player Cameron ‘Fusions’ Bosworth has announced his retirement from competitive play.

The 22-year-old tank player announced his retirement in a Twitlonger post titled ‘thank you’.

“I’ve decided that I’ll be retiring from playing Overwatch professionally,” Fusions said. “The last couple years have been very hard on me mentally and I want to take some time to step away from playing and focus on my health.

“As for what I’ll do next I don’t know for sure yet. With Overwatch 2 on the horizon if I enjoy it I might play a bit casually so hopefully I’ll see you all around.”

Fusions took the time to thank his teammates, coaches and other members of staff, and to the fans who have supported him during his career.

“The last couple years have been very hard on me mentally and I want to take some time to step away from playing and focus on my health. Over the last five or so years of playing I’ve had so many amazing experiences being on different teams and travelling to places that I never thought I would.”


He has had an extensive playing career, having been on teams from UK org NerdRage to London Spitfire academy team British Hurricane, Uprising’s Academy and more, having played in tournaments including Contenders, the Overwatch World Cup (representing the UK/7Lions) and of course, the Overwatch League.

Boston Uprising thanked Fusions for his service to the organisation and for being “such a comforting presence and rock for this team for the past three seasons”.

Boston Uprising also let other players go: Stand1, Myunbong, Colourhex and im37.

The future of Overwatch esports is somewhat up in the air, given the upcoming launch of Overwatch 2.

And for London Spitfire, Cloud9’s franchise team representing the UK region, it’s been pretty tough this season.

Spitfire have gone from winning the inaugural Overwatch League to struggling to pick up a single win in the most recent season.

Further reading: Interview with Hangar 9’s Tony Ray on following London Spitfire this season and the pain of losing: ‘It’s been a process of accepting we are terrible. To have it as a competition over which team is worst… that feels bad, but we didn’t go out with a whimper. We didn’t go quiet into the sweet night. We did get one win.’

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