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Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Day 2 – DOTABUFF

With the first day behind us, we now have a little bit more to go on when selecting our roster for Day 2. Once again, the selection is going to be from teams that play three series tomorrow and once again we are going to concentrate on heavy tournament favorites for core roles, but select statistically best performing supports, regardless of team standing.

Elephant, Vici Gaming, Fnatic and Team Secret play three series tomorrow, with Vici Gaming facing Elephant in the opening series of the day. Considering Team Secret plays PSG.LGD tomorrow morning and Fnatic are playing them midday, it is perhaps advised to pick from 曾焦阳曾焦阳 and Somnus丶MSomnus丶M. NishaNisha is a great scorer, as is ChYuaNChYuaN, but the mid position is extremely reliant on overall team performance.

Between the two remaining options, we feel like Elephant is the safer bet. They looked a lot more convincing in their games against Beastcoast, compared to how Vici Gaming looked in their series against Fnatic.

Fnatic looks a lot stronger than we assumed from their recent performance. As such, their support, DJDJ, is absolutely worth slotting in for tomorrow. He is among the top earners in the International history and it doesn’t look like he’s ready to give up on his position quite yet.

For similar reasons we might make an argument in favor of YapzOrYapzOr, who has a strong the International fantasy legacy. But most of his fantasy points come from the fact that he plays incredibly greedy and often transitions into an extra core for his team, resulting in higher KDA and general fantasy scoring. And this plan might not work, if we consider Team Secret is playing versus PSG.LGD and Elephant tomorrow. So if you doubt YapzOrYapzOr, LoALoA, DyDy and KJKJ are your
statistically good position five choices. We are going with Dy, since he is TI9 highest fantasy earner after all.

poyoyopoyoyo and euruseurus are group B top earning cores. The only problem is they are playing against each other tomorrow, which makes slotting both of them slightly counterintuitive.

That said, both teams ended up with 1-1-0 score yesterday and poyoyo did score considerably more. Then again, poyoyo is facing PSG.LGD tomorrow, while Eurus is not. We will leave it for you to decide, but following our mid selection logic, we are picking Eurus.

Our second pick is going to be a player who is yet to start shining as brightly as he used to, but who we still fully believe in. RavenRaven was among the top earners in TI7 when fantasy Dota was first introduced and when cores included mids as well, who typically performed much better. Moreover, he did it while losing a lot of games as well, so it doesn’t matter that they play PSG.LGD tomorrow, he is still going to deliver.

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