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ironSource announces first group of winners from second Supersonic Superstars co | Pocket Gamer.biz

IronSource has announced Elemental Master by FeoFun and Escalators by Black Candy as the winners of its second Supersonic Superstars contest.

FeoFun, a Russia-based studio, received $200,000 for winning, while Black Candy, a Mongolian studio, received $150,000.

Additional winners are to be announced in November following the successful completion of the publishing phase.

FeoFun previously ran CPI tests on Elemental Master with another publishing service without success.

“With every change and A/B test made along the way, we were able to track the impact on the Supersonic LiveGames dashboard – even after the game was live,” commented FeoFun executive producer Andrey Suroy.

“This transparency and being able to track game performance at every stage of publishing was extremely important to us.”

Black Candy is a two-time winner of the contest, having won previously with the game Archers.io.

Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Publishing Solutions at ironSource said “The Superstars contest is an exciting opportunity for us to work with studios of all sizes across geographies, and we are delighted to be part of the success of the FeoFun and Black Candy games.

“By productising the publishing process and ensuring developers get the transparency, skills and knowledge to better manage and grow their games, we’re able to empower more developers to turn their games into hits.”

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