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Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Day 3 – DOTABUFF

After two days it is still incredibly hard to say who is going to emerge from TI10 victorious, as teams are testing out a lot of different strategies and heavy favorites lose to underdogs. However, while the overall power levels between teams are still being figured out, there are now clear runaways in terms of fantasy scorers, so our job is a little bit easier this time around.

The top three scorers with three series tomorrow are BryleBryle, AbedAbed and KarlKarl. It should be clear that both Undying and T1 are a step behind EG in terms of their Group Stage performance, but in this case, we are still going with Bryle.

Undying are playing Alliance, OG, and T1 tomorrow, and this trio looks similar in power to the first day trio of VP, iG and Aster. Though it should be noted that on Day 1 Bryle was playing against a stand-in mid in their series versus Aster.

Feel free to go Abed if you don’t feel confident, however. He scores ~15% less on average, but EG’s performance is definitely more consistent overall.

For this reason, ArteezyArteezy is once again an obvious choice. There isn’t really anything to add: a strong performer in a strong team is always a solid combination.

Our second slot is going to be a little bit spicier. We are going with MonetMonet. After a disastrous start on Day 1, when they were forced to play with a stand-in, they were slowly gaining momentum, winning 2-0 against OG, one of the group favorites. They are also playing Thunder Predator and T1 tomorrow, who are on the weaker side performance-wise, at least in the group stage.

Moreover, while Aster is playing Invictus Gaming and the latter are the heavy favorites of the group, don’t forget that Aster qualified to TI by consistently winning all these Chinese top dogs in regional qualifiers. Team Aster was unironically the strongest Chinese team, as long as their opponent was also from China.

We placed our bets on DuBuDuBu Day 1 and it paid off big time: Dubu is the highest-earning support in Group A who plays three games tomorrow.

Our second pick is either WhitemonWhitemon — a strong and consistent performer even in losing games or BoraxBorax, who has a chance to explode points-wise tomorrow.

Similar to Team Secret’s YapzOrYapzOr, Borax is a greedy, playmaking position four player who doesn’t mind cosplaying a core by the end game. We are going with the second option, following the same logic as when picking our cores: tomorrow will make or break Team Aster and we want to be a part of it.

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