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Far Cry 6: All USB song locations for new music tracks

Far Cry 6 has one of the most hip soundtracks I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. You can even discover USB sticks/flash drives that contain additional tracks. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you find all USB locations for new music tracks.
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Far Cry 6 guide: All USB song locations for new music tracks
Since the USB locations in Far Cry 6 are scattered all over Yara, I’ve divided this guide into multiple parts:

Isla Santuario and Madrugada – Hitboy, Pulpa de Tamarindo, What a Bam Bam, Sentimiento Original, and Abuso de Poder
Valle de Oro – Educate Ya, Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix), and Dinero
El Este – Los Caminos de la Vida, La Bella Ciao de Libertad, Yo Aprendi, and La Vida Me Cambio
Esperanza – Pxssy Powah and Here We Kum
Treasure Hunt: And the Beat Goes On – Ay Lola “La Figura”
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