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Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 2 – DOTABUFF

Some very unexpected stomps and some heart-breaking losses later, we are now in Day 2 of the main event. Four teams have already left the tournament, but the most interesting part is only starting.

The big takeaway from the group stage was that it is not the dominating team that scores the most. It is the team that plays long, gruelling matches with tons of kills where it can either way up until the very end. With that in mind, it is absolutely impossible to ignore Raven. Fnatic are playing Team Spirit tomorrow and they did lose 0-2 against them during the group stage, but neither of the games was a stomp.

Second pick is between Sumail, who underperformed on the first day of playoffs and Ame, who is a great, consistent fantasy pick. We don’t expect Quincy Crew vs. OG or PSG.LGD vs. T1 to be stomps, so we are going with the highest average in Sumail.

DJ is a pick as obvious as Raven, when it comes to cores. There is very little to discuss: great average, evenly matched opponents means some sweet SEA fantasy goodness.

For similar reasons our pick number two is Whitemon. Sure, T1 are playing PSG.LGD tomorrow and sure, most people don’t expect them to win, but T1 keeps putting up a fight against every single opponent, holding one of the highest game length averages.

If, however, you want to bet on a game that is most likely to go full three maps, go with Dy. He isn’t an explosive, overperforming support like YapzOr and DJ are, but he is consistent and reliable. Slot him in instead of Whitemon if you think T1 vs. PSG.LGD is going to be a stomp.

This one is probably the hardest to predict. On one hand we have Karl who is an absolute beast. On the other hand, there is NothingToSay with a ~20% lower average but who can absolutely explode tomorrow against Karl and shut him down completely.

Mid is possibly the most match outcome-sensitive role in the game, so if you want to hedge your bets, go with a good, consistent Ori. Ori has a ~15% less average than Karl, but their match against VP is very unlikely to end up a stomp.

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