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Analytics platform Dive integrates with Roblox | Pocket Gamer.biz

US game data specialist Dive has integrated with Roblox to offer its developer community better ways of analysing their data and running live operations.

The Roblox platform has over 40 million daily active users, with many playing over two hours per day. For this reason, highly specific game analytics are vital to building a business on Roblox.

As an analytics platform, Dive combines a bespoke data team with a practical hands-on approach to offer tailored, customised possibilities.

As well as Roblox, Dive supports Minecraft, PC and mobile games, and those using blockchain and NFTs.

Looking inwards

“As the metaverse develops, games will live and die based on the depths of their insight and own knowledge of how their players engage,” commented Dive CEO Elad Levy.

“Dive is uniquely positioned to provide specific, custom and tailored insight into games not previously serviced by any form of bespoke analytics. It’s no longer two dimensional – games must look inward in order to serve their players best.”

As a seasoned entrepreneur and 20-year veteran of the games industry, Levy previously co-founded Pacific Interactive and the social casino space House of Fun, which was acquired by Playtika in 2014.

 You can find out more about Dive’s services via its website. 

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