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Best Pokémon Unite Holowears & Skins

Cosmetic items have become one of the most important rewards players can aspire towards in online games, including MOBAs. Despite giving no mechanical advantage, players want to play as their favorite character with more glamorous looks. This is doubly true in Pokémon Unite, as the game gives the famously collectible critters unique visuals through Holowear.

As with anything to do with fashion, some are snazzier than others, here are the best:

Fashion Style Blastoise

Whether or not he’s dressed like a reporter, a mob boss, or a 50’s tourist, I can’t tell, but whatever he is, Blastoise looks gorgeous in Fashion Style. A beige hat, a moss green tux with a cute and stylish button in the middle, and a pink pocket square– the name speaks for itself. I have to hand it to the artist; the threads manage to fit the classic shell-shocker Pokémon perfectly.

Fashion Style Gardevoir

Simplicity is beauty, they say. In Gardevoir’s case, this is the gospel truth. In her Fashion Style outfit, she dons a pink mantle with matching lace on its edges, as well as a huge, western-style bonnet with a flower design on both sides. Gardevoir’s design is already feminine, but this Holowear manages to make her even more striking and gives her a stunning Victorian aesthetic. It’s a good fit, not just for Gardevoir’s looks but also as to her approach to combat, where she mostly stays away and takes out the competition from a safe distance. Ladylike indeed.

Trainer Style Slowbro

While the Pokedex is pretty clear, and somewhat mean, about Slowpoke’s sluggish, dim-witted character, it wasn’t until his appearance in the anime adaptation that the pink hippo Pokémon, and its evolutions became inseparable from these traits. But even though Slowbro has become famous for his laidback and dull nature, Pokémon Unite gives him Training Style. He dons sporty aviators, a red towel across his back, and a black tank-top. The outfit suggests intense physical exertion and is the complete opposite of what Slowbro actually does, according to lore. That is what makes this Holowear such an inspired look. I have to admit, Trainer Style Slowbro would cop some admiring stares on any beach.

Magician Style Mister Mime

Before fancier Pokémon came around in later generations, Mister Mime was everyone’s go-to Magician. Even still, despite the addition of more and more spellcaster-inspired Pokémon designs, Ash’s mom’s assistant continues to have an iconic magical motif. Now Pokémon Unite gives him his best look yet, with a top hat, a swallowtail tux, and a red bowtie. The ochre yellow, however, feels outdated; black would’ve been a more timeless choice. Regardless, my taste in colors aside, it’s one of the better Holowear in the game, and Mister Mime mains – which we need more of – should get this.

Pilot Style Talonflame

Out of the many Holowears, there are only two with animated backgrounds. One of them is Pilot Style Talonflame. It’s a simple and cool Holowear, with Talonflame rocking a leather harness on its wings and goggles on top of its head. As for the background, it’s a short animation of Talonflame soaring into the sky, burning up until he cools off and comes down.

In-game, the Holowear gives the Gen 6 staple bird-Pokémon not just unique particle effects on its tail but changes up its Unite Move, Scoring Returning, and KO Movement.

Captain Cinderace

The award for the best Holowear goes to Captain Cinderace, a nautical outfit. The irony is that Cinderace is a Fire-type, and that only adds to the appeal of the corsair costume’s fit on Gen 8’s fire starter. The knee-length britches of the original design go well with the pirate coat and leather boots, to the point that it seems like Cinderace was always destined to be a pirate.

As for the background, it’s a short yet beautiful animation of Captain Cinderace swinging across a deck until he gets to the mast. The other ship in the background and the Wingulls make for great touches as well. Unfortunately, it’s not for undedicated players, as it can’t be bought by Aeos gems. Instead, it comes from the Battle Pass. If you ask around, however, Captain Cinderace alone makes the Battle Pass worth buying.

All of these Holowears are worth collecting and players can either get them either via Aeos coins or by getting lucky in the Energy Rewards. The latter, however, has very low chances of rewarding players with Holowear. That means players that don’t want to take chances should buy them. The question is, which one do you like? Don’t be shy; tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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