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Are Intel’s new Alder Lake 12th gen processors good for esports? UK PC seller share their views

Intel has finally lifted the lid on its new Alder Lake 12th generation processors, and the performance gains are looking good for gamers.

The chips will be shipping to buyers from November 4th 2021 in new PCs and are also available as standalone items, though availability is limited.

We asked the expert, technical consultant/guru Alex Theodossi from Alpha Beta PC, for the lowdown in our latest monthly video interview, which you can watch above.

“The biggest change with the new processors is moving over to the DDR5 platform, which offers a lot better bandwidth and power, especially for large-scale applications, gaming and video editing. So DDR5 is looking good – if you can get hold of it,” Alex said.

“We did some internal benchmarking on engineering samples and I was incredibly impressed with the performance increases, especially with single-threaded applications. It’s a nice step up on what I feel has been kind of a plateau since the 9-series.

“I think if you’re looking at building a PC right now and you’ve got gaming in mind, I think right now Intel is the way to go with the new Alder Lake processors, in terms of performance.”

Alex Theodossi, Alpha Beta PC

“I’d say the Intel 12th gen processors offer a performance increase of 12 to 13%. I don’t have any brand loyalty, I buy what is the best or the fastest, it doesn’t matter if it’s AMD or Intel.

“They do beat AMD’s processors in a lot of things. There’s a solid 10% difference between the Intel i9 12900K and the AMD 5950X for example, easily.

“I think if you’re looking at building a PC right now and you’ve got gaming in mind, I think Intel is the way to go with the new Alder Lake processors. I think people will be very happy with them. I have no alliegance to Intel or AMD, but the Intel is the one to go for in terms of performance right now. I’m excited to see AMD’s response.”

In terms of price, DDR5 is about 40% more expensive than the existing technology – Eurogamer has listed more Alder Lake tech specs including prices ranging from around $264 to $589.

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