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Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 unveils full list of over 170 charity speedruns • Eurogamer.net

Running from 9th-16th January next year.

Awesome Games Done Quick is back with more charity speed-running shenanigans in few short months – once again returning as an online-only event in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – and organisers have now revealed the sizeable list of runs scheduled for the show.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 takes place from 9th-16th January next year and will span more than 170 speedruns, all raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and covering the usual mix of triple-A titles, smaller-scale indie offerings, retro classics, and oddities.

There’s psychedelic puzzling from Antechamber, modern-day Metroidvania action in the form of Axiom Verge 2, an event debut for Arkane Studios’ stupendous shooter Deathloop, co-op capering in It Takes Two, claw dunking with HAL Laboratory’s Part Time UFO, retro naffness from Zelda’s Adventure for Philips CD-i, and a load more. The full list is well worth perusing.

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For the second year running, Awesome Games Done Quick will be an online-online event, meaning it won’t have an in-person component and all speedrunners will be participating from the safety of their homes. The whole thing will still be streamed on Twitch, of course, with a full day-by-day schedule set to be released closer to the start of proceedings.

This year’s Awesome Games Done Quick raised $2.75m USD for the Prevent Cancer Foundation back in January, while Summer Games Done Quick, which took place this July, raised over $2.8m USD for Doctors Without Borders.

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