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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adds Handheld Lanterns For A Limited Time

Image: Nintendo

If you’ve been getting back into Animal Crossing: New Horizons ahead of this week’s major update and paid DLC, preparing your island for the big day, you might want to make sure you pay a visit to Resident Services to grab some special limited-time items.

Available right now up until 11th November are these special Handheld lanterns, appearing in-game to celebrate Lantern Festival. As New Horizons explains, this festival is celebrated throughout Europe and “features a night of children carrying lanterns and singing songs to usher in the start of winter.” We’d rather keep winter at bay for as long as possible ourselves, but each to their own.

Regardless, you can get your own by heading to the ‘Special Goods’ section of Nook Shopping at the Terminal in Resident Services. Just hop on over to the Seasonal tab to find them – it should look like this:

ACNH Handheld Lantern
Image: Screenshot: Nintendo Life

There are actually six different lantern designs to collect, and thankfully these can be obtained by simply customising the lantern you buy from Nook Shopping. The Stars design was available from the shop for us, with Moons, Stained Glass, Suns, Geese, and Leaves all available as customisable options.

Remember, the game’s final major free update and Happy Home Paradise DLC both launch this Friday, 5th November.

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