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Cafe Cutie skins announced for League of Legends including Bard, Soraka, Vladimir, Gwen, Sivir, Annie and… Jelly Tibbers

A bunch of sweet League of Legends skins have been announced, and this time the theme is Cafe Cutie.

Riot Games has announced new looks for Bard (pictured), Annie, Soraka, Vladimir, Gwen and Sivir in this new line of Cafe Cutie skins.

You can see the splash art for Cafe Cutie Bard above and the Cafe Cutie Girls in this tweet below posted by the official League of Legends UK, Ireland and Nordics account:

The skins add a new flavour (cough) to the LoL champions, with Annie featuring a jelly version of Tibbers the bear, and Sivir coming with a coffee tray as a weapon.

The likes of Annie, Soraka and Vladimir already have a host of skins in their collection, however Gwen’s Cafe Cutie skin is her third, after her base skin and Space Groove Gwen outfit were announced earlier this year.

You can see some of the in-game versions of the Cafe Cutie skins in this PBE (public beta environment) preview from Twitter:

The Cafe Cuties skin line is very similar to the Sugar Rush skins in League of Legends, which include the likes of Sugar Rush Evelynn, Ziggs, Braum and more, plus the likes of Candy King Ivern, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks and Lollipoppy.

Riot also showed off upcoming Jinx and Caitlyn Arcane skins, as part of its new Arcane animated show on Netflix.

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