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Call of Duty Warzone New Map With 2022’s Modern Warfare 2

Warzone Pacific hasn’t even released with its new Caldera map yet, but we’ve The 2022 release of Modern Warfare 2 will reportedly come with a brand new map for Call of Duty Warzone, featuring level designs from classic Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps. The new leak also indicates that Infinity Ward plans to add a third mode similar to Battlefield 2042‘s Hazard Zone game mode. The information follows a recent leak/rumor that detailed realistic gun jamming mechanics and death animations in Modern Warfare 2.

The rumored Modern Warfare 2 Warzone map would be the third all-new map added to the battle royale title—excepting the smaller Rebirth Island map and Verdansk’s ’80s revamp. It also fits with maps’ themes following each  title, as the Verdansk map was based on Modern Warfare, ’80s Verdansk based on Black Ops Cold War, and the upcoming Caldera map on Call of Duty Vanguard. Similarly, the new map is rumored to feature stitched together expanded versions of classic MW2 maps such as Favela, Quarry, and Terminal. However, it’s currently unclear whether the new map is planned to replace the current map or release alongside it, but it will likely replace it.

Furthermore, the late 2022 Warzone map will reportedly be the base of a brand new game mode that will mix elements of PvP and PvE. Talking with VGC, sources describe the mode as similar to Battlefield 2042‘s Hazard Zone game mode, which tasked players with completing objectives while fighting against other player squads and enemy AI. Additionally, some iconic members of Task Force 141, as well as cartel villains from the new campaign mode will also join as operators.

Modern Warfare 2‘s release will also mark the return of a remastered multiplayer mode, similar to how Activision remastered Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer. The company previously went on record to deny that it was working on a multiplayer remaster of MW2. However, sources now say Activision decided to pause development in order to give 2019’s Modern Warfare and Warzone some much-needed breathing room.

Given that 2021’s Call of Duty: Vanguard isn’t even out until later this week, and new Call of Duty games aren’t revealed until around August, it could be a while before we learn more officially about the plans for Call of Duty 2022. Activision and Infinity Ward have not yet commented on or confirmed the leaks. As always with rumors, take this information with a grain of salt.

[Source: VGC]

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