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Tommey on top with trio of triumphs: UK CoD player sets new quads world record, wins Baktober Bash with TBE team and secures visa

It’s been an amazing week for UK Call of Duty player Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren who picked up a number of wins in the game and IRL.

The 100 Thieves CoD Warzone streamer set a new world record in the game’s quads mode, where teams of four do battle against one another.

With the help of his team he racked up a whopping 64 kills, with a score of 27,375 and damage of 20,295 in a single game of quads.

Tommey’s trios account TBE (which stands for Tom, Ben [‘Almond’] and Edy [‘Newbz’], but is also a play on words for ‘The Best Ever’) tweeted the following:

You can check out Tommey’s full world record quads run on his Tommey YouTube channel here.

On top of this, the TBE trio also picked up a first-place win in the Baktober Bash CoD Warzone trios tournament a few days earlier.

This $40,000 tournament was hosted by the Baka Bros in partnership with esports and gaming platform eFuse.

There was some other good news for Tommey over the past week.

The UK CoD personality – who has almost 200,000 followers on Twitter and more than 350,000 on Twitch – also sorted out a visa issue.

He was hoping to get this sorted so he could stay in the US, and it went through.

Tommey is one of the most experienced CoD players from the UK.

He’s built up a solid following over the years, and now represents 100 Thieves, one of the most popular esports organisations based in the States.

Earlier in 2021, Tommey was hit by a bizarre 14-day Twitch ban.

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