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New Warzone and BOCW challenges provide new ways to unlock LAPA

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone’s The Haunting event has concluded. This saw the debut of Ghostface and Donnie Darko bundles, a Ghosts of Verdansk game mode, and more. During the event, fans got the chance to unlock a new submachine gun while getting into the Halloween spirit. Unlocking the LAPA required you to complete one set of nine challenges, either in the battle royale or Black Ops Cold War. Thankfully, if you did not manage to unlock the LAPA before The Haunting ended, you have been assigned new LAPA challenges to make sure you can add the weapon to your arsenal.

The LAPA is able to deal a strong amount of damage and is relatively easy to control. Although it has a slower fire rate compared to other submachine guns, it is still a fun weapon to use. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss out on having an extra weapon to use on the battlefield.

How to unlock the LAPA submachine gun with a new Black Ops Cold War or Warzone challenge

The new LAPA challenge is easy to complete and is less time consuming compared to weapon challenges we have seen in the past. The challenge requires you to use a submachine gun to get three kills while aiming down sight in 15 different matches. Alternatively, if you prefer to unlock the LAPA in Zombies you will need to kill ten enemies quickly with a submachine gun a total of 100 times.

Notably, you will have to make sure you complete the match for your challenge to progress. Once you have unlocked the LAPA with either of the new challenges, you can begin leveling it up. This will allow you to get your hands on the attachments you need to build a powerful LAPA class in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

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