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SEGA Genesis Classic Gynoug Heading to PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Ratalaika Games is bringing SEGA Genesis classic Gynoug, known as Wings of Wor in North America, to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next week. The side-scrolling shooter will be making its return on current-gen consoles on November 12.

The “seek and raise hell game” takes place on a post-apocalyptic planet where a virus has mutated all lifeforms into deadly creatures known as the Mutants of Iccus. An angel known as Wor is tasked with taking down the mutants as well as their leader, the Destroyer. There’ll be plenty of bosses and mini-bosses in the way too, and players will have powerful weapons and a variety of spells to help do the job. Gynoug‘s six levels head through the deep caverns of Iccus as players seek to save their planet or die trying.

The power up system gives players a fighting chance as fire power and speed is increased. Colored orbs and crystals can be found throughout the levels to give more firepower. Red and blue orbs increase firepower and attack speed respectively while the amber orbs are the most valuable of the lot. Upgrades are dependent on the number of orbs collected and their variety increases as players collect more orbs. Other power ups can also be found dotted throughout.

Gynoug’s new features include:

  • High configurable CRT shader
  • Special mode that enables accessibility features
  • Rewind mode and save/load state functionality
  • Dynamic Music
  • Ever Changing  levels of play
  • Long Levels of Mythical, Subterranean, Cavernous fiery pursuit
  • Garganic enemies
  • Epic mid level and end level boss confrontation

Gynoug was originally released on SEGA Genesis in 1991 in Japan. The game hit Western regions a few months later, although it was known as Wings of Wor in North America. The title was then re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan, but Western gamers missed out. Ratalaika’s port will be the first opportunity young players in Europe in North America will get to experience the bullet hell that celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

[Source: Ratalaika Games]

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