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Vikkstar invests in UK-based business

Popular UK YouTuber Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Barn has joined UK-based business VibePay as a part-owner.

The payments company announced this morning that the Sidemen member and London Royal Ravens co-owner, also known for his Call of Duty content, has joined as a shareholder and partner.

VibePay is hoping the move will mark a ‘major step in making account-to-account payments the go-to payment type in the creator economy, helping streamers and side-hustlers pay and get paid’. A press release also stated that the partnership ‘signals a new role creators and influencers can play in the ownership structure of fintechs’.

Vikkstar will help to shape VibePay’s product and build its brand as it continues its mission to be Europe’s answer to WeChat and CashApp.

VibePay offers instant payments and no fees. It also has plans to launch VibePay Pro, allowing sellers and businesses to interact with customers, fans and subscribers in the same place payment is made.

Luke Massie, CEO of VibePay, said: “Bringing Vik into the VibePay journey at this exciting moment is going to help us to drive success amongst creators just like him. As he has built a huge solo following across multiple platforms, and is part of one of the biggest online collectives there is in The Sidemen, we couldn’t ask for more in terms of insight across online communities and what the entrepreneurs of tomorrow need.

“We believe this strategy of offering influencers part-ownership will be the business model of the future to drive growth and increase brand awareness.”

“Having watched the likes of WeChat in Asia and CashApp in the US gain so much popularity, I see so much potential in VibePay becoming Europe’s equivalent.”


Vikkstar added: “VibePay is a brand that I have long been a fan of as a creator and businessman. With our community still being burnt by the middleman when it comes to payments, VibePay solves a genuine problem and brings a new set of features that I believe will transform how we, as creators, engage with our audiences in the future.

“Having watched the likes of WeChat in Asia and CashApp in the US gain so much popularity, I see so much potential in VibePay becoming Europe’s equivalent. I can’t wait to help shape the future of VibePay and be part of a business that is revolutionising the payments industry and taking on the outdated traditional players.”

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