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Back 4 Blood DLC Roadmap Reveals All The Free And Paid Content On The Way

Back 4 Blood, the newly released PC and console shooter from the developers of Left 4 Dead, is getting a good amount of post-launch DLC, and the studio has now run through what’s coming.

The post-launch content roadmap includes free updates and releases that are part of the paid-for annual pass. The free updates include a solo offline mode–which players had been requesting since launch–as well as a new difficulty level, another co-op mode, new cards and a new card type, and seasonal content for the holidays.

As for the paid content, the Tunnels of Terror expansion is coming in 2022. It features new story content, another activity type, and more weapons, cards, and skins. More details about Tunnels of Terror will be announced later. It’s the first of three expansions included in the Annual Pass, which costs $40 or is available through the Back 4 Blood Deluxe ($90) and Ultimate ($100) editions.

Check out the Back 4 Blood DLC roadmap below to see what’s coming and when.

Back 4 Blood’s upcoming content roadmap

Back 4 Blood released in early October and quickly picked up more than 6 million players. The game no doubt enjoyed a surge in players thanks in part to it being included with Game Pass. While Back 4 Blood has reached 6 million players, neither Turtle Rock nor WB has announced how many copies the game sold, nor has it announced if the game has turned a profit against what it cost to develop.

Back 4 Blood Free Updates Include:


  • Quality-of-life improvements
  • Major bug fixes


  • New Supply Lines
  • Ridden Practice Area
  • Holiday Seasonal Event
  • Solo Offline with Campaign Progression
  • New Card Type
  • All-New Cards


  • New Difficulty
  • New Player Cards
  • New Corruption Cards
  • New Co-Op Mode
  • Melee Updates
  • Quality-of-life Improvements

Back 4 Blood was developed by the same team that made Left 4 Dead, and in GameSpot’s Back 4 Blood review, Richard Wakeling said, “Back 4 Blood is Left 4 Dead 3 in all but name, and even then it isn’t exactly trying to be subtle.”

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