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Back 4 Blood is getting a solo offline mode with campaign progression

Ask and you shall receive (eventually): Back 4 Blood is getting a solo offline mode along with campaign progression in December. Granted, it’s a bit late in the making. But solo players of the Left 4 Dead successor will no doubt feel rejoiced over the news.

Back 4 Blood is an excellent co-op shooter from the makers of Left 4 Dead, but it wasn’t perfect. The game had some balance issues that needed to be ironed out, and the team at Turtle Rock Studios is working on it. In a bizarre move, the game seemingly punished those who wanted to play the campaign solo. While you could do it, and get matched up with bots, you couldn’t earn progression points. No doubt the decision was made to funnel players into multiplayer matchmaking, the meat and potatoes of the game. However, not everyone wanted to team up, and they were left baffled as to why they couldn’t progress on their own.

The developer did respond to this back in October, and soon it will implement the mode into the game. It released a roadmap for Back 4 Blood earlier today, detailing the soon-to-be released updates and three expansion packs. For December, Back 4 Blood will get a free update for the solo offline mode, which will include campaign progression. That same month, the game will also get new supply lines, a practice area, a holiday event, new cards, and a new card type.

Back 4 Blood to receive new, well, everything next year

Turtle Rock is tearing out the stops when it comes to updates and content for the game. Next year, there will be a new difficulty mode, more player and corruption cards (goody), a melee update, quality of life improvements, and a new co-op mode. And those will all be included as free updates. However, more campaign content is on the way in the form of expansions. Back 4 Blood will get three expansions as part of its annual pass, starting with Tunnels of Terror. The other two expansions are also scheduled for 2022. More cleaners, ridden types, weapons, cards, and skins will also be part of the pass.

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