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Gregan keeping his options open after departing Guild as Rocket League coach

UK Rocket League coach Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis has tonight left his position as coach for Guild Esports’ Rocket League team.

Gregan said in a Twitlonger post: “Thanks for all the support throughout my time at Guild. I had hoped to nurture the next world champion team but it was not to be. Watch this space, I’ll be back and bigger things are coming.

“[I have] so much to be proud of whilst at Guild, being regional winner and multiple top four during RLCSX were amazing accomplishments, but seeing the players grow and develop is what I’m most proud of. To the team: Good luck with the RLCS 2021-22 season.”

Gregan said he is now exploring his options and is open to ‘anything esports and/or performance focused’, including casting, and other areas outside of coaching.

“I have a huge amount of respect for the world’s best coaches, teachers and carers as it’s certainly an area I have much to learn in and develop before revisiting as a full time job,” he said. “I am still interested in supporting teams on some short term work even if it’s just a team or coach who wants to get a second opinion, happy to help.”

To Guild’s fans, Gregan said: “I am sorry. Every team I have worked with has improved and it’s something I take great pride in, this is the first time this hasn’t happened and I am truly sorry to anyone who was let down by our recent results. I tried everything I know how to do to support the team and it wasn’t good enough to get the results you expect.

“You can never know fully how much a coach is the reason for a team’s results but if I take pride in the teams I have helped improve then I must also take responsibility for the teams that don’t. I believed I was doing everything I could, but there are always different methods, different ways to communicate and motivate, different ideas to coach and on this occasion, I chose incorrectly.”

Gregan first joined Guild last year.

Gregan’s departure comes after Guild’s Rocket League team arguably did not live up to expectations.

They signed Bluey in September 2021, the latest player in an all-UK roster also featuring Deevo and Noly.

Guild’s director of esports Grant Rousseau recently apologised for Guild’s Rocket League performances, saying (as per Ginx.tv): “I am absolutely and utterly embarrassed that we have failed to make Regional 2 in Rocket League.

“We have come out the gate extremely poorly this season and that’s not good enough for you all. We’ll fix it.”

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