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‘Pokemon Smile’ Just Got Its First Big Content Update since Launch Adding in New Pokemon, Pokemon Caps, and More on iOS and Android – TouchArcade

Pokemon Smile (Free) from The Pokemon Company for iOS and Android released in June last year as a free app designed to ensure people have a fun toothbrushing experience. The aim at launch was to motivate children to brush their teeth by saving Pokemon. Brushing in Pokemon Smile defeats bacteria allowing Pokemon to appear in the app. Regularly brushing earns Pokemon Caps helping complete the Pokedex. Over the weekend, Pokemon Smile got its first content update since launch. Ever since Pokemon Smile released last year, it has had a few updates with new languages and improvements to brushing movement detection. With Pokemon Smile 1.1.0, it has new Pokemon, new Pokemon Caps, and new options.

The new options let you adjust the Brushing Session Length and Take In-Game Pictures options separately for each user on a single device. If you’ve not played it yet, Pokemon Smile also includes awards that can be earned alongside tips to improve children’s skills. Pokemon Smile is available right now worldwide for free (with no in app purchases). If you’re interested in checking it out, you can download Pokemon Smile on iOS here on the App Store and Android here on Google Play. Check out the official website here. Now that Pokemon Smile has gotten an update after a while, hopefully we learn more about Pokemon Sleep. What do you think of the current Pokemon mobile apps?

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