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‘Crazy Defense Heroes’ is Animoca Brands’ Tower Defense Game that’s Boosting its Play-To-Earn Reward Pool with 1,200,000 Tower Tokens

Crazy Defense Heroes‘ play-to-earn events this November and December are offering players a chance to grab their share from the reward pool of 1,200,000 Tower Tokens. Animoca Brands’ tower defense-slash-RPG with CCG elements invites everyone to join in on the event by aiming to gain a minimum of 315,000 avatar Experience Points (XP) at the end of each month.

In Crazy Defense Heroes, players can challenge their skills in over 1,000 levels of intense tower defense madness. You can defend against hordes of enemies across four difficulty modes (Normal, Hard, Crazy, Nightmare) using a wide variety of heroes, spells, towers, and equipment. You can also collect a whopping 400 cards with different rarities, or team up with your online buddies in the Clan Quest Seasons multiplayer mode.

This November and December, you can score ERC-20 fungible utility tokens named TOWER tokens via the play-to-earn events as detailed via Medium and Wiki. If you’re keen on knowing how you can win big and end the year with a bang, you can download Crazy Defense Heroes on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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