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AMD reveals 18 severe flaws fixed in recent GPU drivers – so don’t forgot to update

Graphics cards are no different to any other piece of hardware in that you should keep drivers up to date – or at least reasonably so – and if anything is a lesson in the importance of doing that with a GPU in particular, it’s a fresh revelation from AMD that a bunch of vulnerabilities have been patched in recent times.

In fact, AMD’s work on the Radeon graphics driver for Windows 10 has put paid to 27 security flaws, no less, with Team Red rolling out mitigations for these problems since driver version 20.7.1. As PC Gamer (who hat tipped The Register) observes, drivers since 21.4.1 – released on April 20, 2021 – contain all the necessary fixes, including the freshly released 21.11.2 driver (out today).

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