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Uncharted 4 Voice Actor Warren Kole is in Rumored Modern Warfare 2

Prominent actor Warren Kole is reportedly working with Infinity Ward on the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, rumored to be releasing in 2022. Kole’s LinkedIn page indicates that the voice actor has been working with the studio since October 2021. Previously in games, Warren Kole voiced Uncharted 4‘s central antagonist Rafe Adler.

The confirmation comes from the actor’s Linkedin page which lists Infinity Ward as one of the studios he is currently working with. Under the title of “Professional Actor,” Kole notes that he is currently working on a “Call of Duty” project, but does not specify what title. Prominent CoD leaker RalphsValve has stated that the actor is currently working on the next Modern Warfare title, but the leak has not been corroborated by other leakers, though it would make sense given the rumors about Infinity Ward’s next game.

However, previous leaks have already revealed that the studio is currently working on a “Project Cortez.” The Nvidia GeForce Now leaks from September later revealed that Project Cortez is a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare. Coupled with recent reports and leaks surrounding the rumored game’s premise, game modes, and characters, we can assume that Infinity Ward’s current project is in fact Modern Warfare 2. Activision and Infinity Ward haven’t commented on the leaks or rumors.

When it comes to casting, there are a few possibilities. While some have pointed out that Kole’s character from Uncharted 4 has a resemblance to Makarov from the original Modern Warfare 2, it’s important to note that the actor himself does not look like Rafe Adler. Furthermore, Vladimir Makarov’s original voice actor Roman Varshavsky already voiced the character in the 2019 reboot, which further reduces the likelihood.

Another possibility is General Shepherd, who is rumored to return in the upcoming rumored title. This could fit, as Kole’s character in Uncharted 4 could switch from charming and charismatic to cold-hearted and sociopathic on a dime. Regardless, fans praised Warren Kole for his performance as Rafe Adler and is a welcome addition to Infinity Ward’s project, whatever it may be.

We’ll keep readers informed on any further developments.

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