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Halo Infinite How To Unlock The 20th Anniversary Items

With its release, Halo Infinite celebrates its 20th Anniversary. In return, the player base is going to receive some in-game rewards. Long-time fans of the series will be stoked to see some of these items. Although you won’t get these items directly, you will have to unlock them. In today’s article, I will show you how to unlock the 20th Anniversary Items in Halo Infinite.

How to Unlock 20th Anniversary Items in Halo Infinite

anniversary items in halo infinite
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Unlocking the 20th Anniversary Items in Halo Infinite is pretty easy. All you have to do is to download and play the Halo Infinite BETA before the 22nd of November, 2021. That’s all you have to do to unlock the 20th Anniversary Items. If you want these rewards, make sure you play them before the aforementioned date. It is not confirmed that these rewards will return on a later date so this might be your only chance to get them. These Items contain cosmetic rewards like reskins of our favorite things from the older titles of Halo. The rewards that we will be getting in the 20th Anniversary in Halo Infinite are as follows:

  • Armor Platinum Anniversary Armor Coating
  • Assault Rifle Platinum Anniversary Weapon Coating
  • Assembled Nameplate
  • Blue Team Weapon Charm
  • Fire in Your Heart Nameplate
  • I Love Bees Nameplate
  • Margaret’s Honey Backdrop
  • Warthog Platinum Anniversary Armor Coating

These are what we are going to get. As of this article, you will have very little time. So, don’t waste it and go get Halo Infinite. This is all you have to do to get the 20th Anniversary Items in Halo Infinite. Hopefully, this guide helped you in unlocking the 20th Anniversary Items. Go fast and get those Rewards. You can also check out our other guides on Using the Mark System and How to Get & Use the Heatwave in Halo Infinite.

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