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Anime Fighters Simulator – Mount Guide: How to Get, Wiki

By using a mount in Anime Fighters Simulator, you can speed up your movement speed greatly.

Having higher movement speed in the game is very is helpful when questing, doing Time Trials, and traveling around worlds to reach raids, etc.

In this guide, we give you all the information you need about mounts in Anime Fighters Simulator, from how to get and use them to a full list of all mounts in the game.

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What is a mount, and what do they do

A mount is an object or creature that you can use in Anime Fighters Simulator to move faster.

Mounts in the game have different speed stats, which means that they increase your movement speed by different amounts.

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The more difficult a mount is to obtain, the more it increases your movement speed usually.

Having and using a mount is very useful as it allows you to travel faster between enemies and the NPC when questing, through Time Trials, and to raids and other content.

How to get a mount

There are many mounts for you to obtain through your journey in the game.

There are two ways to get mounts in Anime Fighters Simulator. You can either purchase them with Robux or complete questlines.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll find a horse icon, which is your mount inventory, located right below the up-arrow icon.

If you open up your mounts inventory and scroll down, you’ll see 3 mounts that aren’t hidden – Jetpack, Mecha, and Super Aura. These 3 mounts can all be purchased with Robux.

The rest of the mounts in the game can only be obtained by completing questlines in the various worlds.

Each world has its own line of quests that require you to defeat the enemies of that world, and upon completing the last quest in a world’s questline, you receive the badge and the mount of that world.

The speed of each world’s mount is a little faster than that of the previous world’s mount.

When you get a new mount, you can see it in your mount inventory, and its name, icon, and speed stat will no longer be hidden.

How to use mounts

Once you’ve got your hands on a mount, it’s time to use it.

To use a mount, you need to first equip it, which you do by clicking it in your mount inventory and clicking ‘Equip’.

With your mount equipped, you can activate it at any time by pressing the ‘M’ key on your keyboard.

To deactivate your mount, simply click the ‘M’ key once again.

Note that you cannot activate your mount if you have an inventory or a menu open.

All mounts list

You can get mounts from quests and by spending Robux.

Every world in the game, including event worlds, has a questline that gives a mount at the end.

Here is a complete overview of all mounts in Anime Fighters Simulator.

The ghost mount obtained from the Spooky Island is currently not obtainable in the game, as the event is over.

Whether or not the game will reintroduce the world or give access to the mount in another way is unknown.

That’s everything you need to know about mounts in Anime Fighters Simulator!

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