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Animal Crossing December To-Do List – Events, Birthdays, Gathering etc. – Expert Game Reviews

Every day you can do a lot of things in Animal Crossing from collecting bugs to celebrating Birthdays or special events. In this post, we will tell you what is December famous for. In our Animal Crossing December to-do list, you will find all information that you will need to make everything in time.

Animal Crossing December Calendar

We will start from the list of all December events presented in the Animal Crossing calendar. There you will see Birthdays and events that will take place in December. Remember that December is a great season with a lot of great events like Make Snowboys or Toy Day (Christmas Eve).

The calendar above includes only Birthdays below we will write a list of names shown in the picture to make it a bit more clear.

Animal Crossing December Birthsdays:

  • 1st December:
    • Sprocket’s Birthday
    • Rooney’s Birthday
  • 2nd December:
  • 3rd December:
  • 4th December:
  • 5th December:
    • Hans’ Birthday
    • Carrie’s Birthday
  • 6th December:
  • 7th December:
    • Buzz’s Birthday
    • Monty’s Birthday
  • 8th December:
  • 9th December:
  • 10th December:
  • 11th December:
  • 12th December:
  • 13th December:
  • 14th December:
  • 15th December:
  • 16th December:
  • 17th December:
  • 18th December:
  • 19th December:
  • 20th December:
  • 21st December:
  • 22nd December:
  • 23rd December:
  • 24th December:
  • 25th December:
  • 26th December:
  • 27th December:
  • 28th December:
  • 39th December:
    • Vic’s Birthday
    • Murphy’s Birthday
  • 30th December:
  • 31st December:

In addition to Birthdays, there are also some special events that take place only in December. We decided to write them in the list with the mentioning of the date below.

Animal Crossing December Events:

  • 9th December:
    • Bug-Off (Southern Hemisphere)
  • 21st December:
  • 24th December:
  • 31st December:

Note: In the Southern Hemisphere seasonal events (excluding birthdays) take place in June.

What to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in December?

Above we have mentioned all December Birthdays and a list of special events. You can click on any event to learn more details about it [COMING SOON]. Below we briefly explain the main activities that take place in December.

Make Snowboys

From December 11 to February 24 you can make Snowboys and receive special rewards like recipes. This event reappears every year during the snowy season.

Flick’s Bug-Off Event (Southern Hemisphere)

On Sunday, December 19, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Bug-off event starts again. You can participate by talking to Flick, in front of Resident Services. Catch as many bugs as you can within 3 minutes! Northern Hemisphere residents may visit players in the Southern Hemisphere to participate in this event.

Winter Solstice

The 21st of December is the shortest day of the year. Players will notice that in the game and also will get a chance to see the Aurora Borealis in the sky.

Toy Day (Christmas Eve)

This is the main event in December the celebration of Christmas Eve which is called Toy Day in Animal Crossing. It is held every 24th of December. Note that all events are time-locked and you will need to wait the next year if you miss it.

Receive Jingle’s Photograph

Hang Toy Day Stockings inside your home on the 24th of December to receive Jingle’s Photograph on 25th December in the morning.

Buy New Year’s Eve Items

From December 26 to 31 you can get new items at Nook Shopping to prepare for the upcoming New Year’s Eve.


It is the final event of December in Animal Crossing. The Countdown is the first part of the New Year’s event. You will see a huge electronic billboard in the plaza that will count down hours and minutes till the New Year. All resident services will be closed on this day.

Isabelle and Tom Nook will camp out on the plaza and will give you a light stick item and a bag of party poppers respectively. Additionally, Tom Nook will be selling Countdown-related gifts all day.

Once the day comes to an end, your villagers will all gather on the plaza to watch the fireworks at midnight and celebrate the New Year.

Also, we will add separate posts with the list of all bugs available in December and the list of all DIY recipes that you can receive in December as well.

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