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PoE December Events

PoE December Events

Coming into the last month of 2021, Grinding Gear Games has released a schedule of PoE December events to participate in to finish off the year strong. With the next challenge league not scheduled to be released until mid-January this is a fantastic opportunity for players to re-engage with the game. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as schools head into the school holidays and many players begin to lose interest in the current league.

December 3 – Endless Delve

Running for 10 days, players will be able to test their limits in the endless Azurite Mines introduced in the Delve league. With the need for sulphite removed and mining nodes scaled from level 1, exiles will be here from character creation to grind through the depths of delve. Skill gems will be able to be purchased from the familiar Lilly Roth at the cost of 1 Scroll of Wisdom per gem. This is exciting even if you participated in last year’s Endless Delve as the 3.16 patch made the league mechanic much more rewarding and challenging.

The details for this event are that it starts on December 3rd Noon (PST) and will be a voided league after 10 days meaning all characters along with their items will not transfer to the main game. Players will have the option of playing solo self-found (SSF) or test themselves with the hardcore version of the game mode HFSSF. This means there will be no trading in this event. As far as PoE December events go, this is one I’m looking forward to the most

Builds to try: Poison Concoction Occultist and Frost Blades Raider

December 8, 22, and 29 – Royale Weekend

Royale is back for several of the weekends, pitting players against each other in a battle royale format. This PVP game mode has been a hit since its release and will challenge even the biggest Path of Exile fanatics. For this month Grinding Gear Games has added a twist on the already popular game mode by spawning the act 1 prison boss Brutus in the map centre at 8 minutes into a match.

According to the PoE December events schedule, Royale will be available for 24 hours from noon PST on each of its allocated days. Usually, players are given an entire weekend to play at a time but I’m sure this was done to not take away from the other events.

December 10 – Zizaran’s Gauntlet

The Gauntlet event will put the exile’s skills to the test. This may seem like the regular Path of Exile as players find themselves waking up on the shores of Wraeclast but will quickly find that this event is not for the faint hearted. Damage modifiers have been added to the base game to increase monster damage, projectiles, health, speed, and area of effect on their abilities. Community funded prize pool will grant players monetary and in-game benefits for being the first to achieve certain tasks within the game. There will also be a point system to rank players for individual ascendancies as they take down bosses, progress through Delve and accumulate levels on their character.

This event starts at Noon on December 10 (PST) and lasts for 10 days total. Boss kills must be recorded and submitted via the Path of Exile Community Racing Discord. If you haven’t played a Gauntlet event before this is a great time to try it out.

December 17 – Endless Heist

Introduced barely over a year ago, Heist has become a staple for many players on their way to wealth in the challenge leagues. The aim is to run through contracts with a band of rogues to hopefully make it out alive with the bounty you find from within. Each rogue can be geared and leveled with their own unique perks and personalities. Heist can provide items from every league mechanic in the chests from the heists allowing for a great diversity of builds. Similarly with Endless Delve, Lilly Roth will be available for all your skill gem needs. Players will start with a set of unique gear to start off their heisting adventures.

Endless Heist starts at noon December 17 (PST) and continues for the following 10 days. This event is available in Standard, Hardcore, Solo Self-found and Hardcorse Solo Self-found modes. Like with the other events this league is voided at the end and none of the items or characters are transferred to regular Path of Exile.

December 24 – Atlas Invasion

The map device has bled into the story of Wraeclast infecting all 10 acts of the campaign to create a truly unique leveling experience in Path of Exile. Each zone in the acts will feature 5 endgame map bosses which will challenge players as they progress the story. Maps will also feature the addition of extra bosses creating an interesting endgame system to say the least.

The Atlas Invasion event begins at noon December 24 and goes for 10 days. All game modes are available and this league will be voided at the end.

December 31 – Delirium Everywhere

The last event for the year is Delirium Everywhere which augments a perpetual layer of delirium to the base game. This permanent fog randomly scales from 1% all the way up to 100% delirious effect on the zones. For those players who are unfamiliar with the mechanic, the delirious fog will buff monsters, create a new variety of delirious monsters and as a result rewards players for killing these monsters while in the fog. Rewards are random and will show in a bar format new the players health pool as players hit reward breakpoints. On top of the standard rewards, exiles will receive simulacrum splinters that can be used to form a whole Simulacrum after 300 splinters are collected. This will open a zone up to fight 30 waves of the hardest delirious creatures and bosses for massive experience and rewards.

Delirium Everywhere starts at noon December 31the and will end 10 days later on January 10th. This event contains all game modes and as with all event leagues, it will be voided.

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