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Double Up Tiers and Ranking System – Expert Game Reviews

Double Up is a new mode in Teamfight Tactics that has been added in BETA some patches ago. You can read more about this new co-op TFT mode in our post What is TFT Double Up Mode?. Here we will tell you more details about Double UP tiers and ranking system.

Double Up is very similar to the Hyper Roll ranking system both of them don’t have unranked matches. So if you start playing Double Up match it is always a ranked one. If you play together with a friend in a co-op you will get the same number of points.

Double Up tiers are also the same. There are five of them. All of them are marked with different colours. There are five different tiers. In Hyper Roll they are marked by different colours. After your first game, you will get 500 points and will start your journey from the Grey tier. But what are the other Double Up tiers? We answer below.

Double Up Ranked Tiers List

As we have already mentioned there are five of them and you start climbing the ladder from the Grey tier. But How many points do you need to move higher in Double Up? Read below.

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