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Livewire Terrain Scan Guide — Radar and Scan Locations

One of the earliest Prospect missions in Icarus is called Livewire Terrain Scan. In it, you’ll have to acquire the Radar and look for three scan locations on the map. Here’s our Icarus guide to help you with the Livewire Terrain Scan mission.

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Icarus: Livewire Terrain Scan Prospect Mission Guide – The Radar and Scan Locations

The Radar in the Livewire Terrain Scan mission in Icarus can be found fairly close to the northwest of your dropship. Once you interact with it, pick up the device which will be assigned to your “G” hotkey.

Next, three scan locations will appear on the map (seen in the image below). One is fairly close, but two are further away. At this point, you might want to prepare for the journey ahead:

  • Stone Axe (10x fiber, 4x stick, 8x stone), Wood Bow (30x fiber, 24x stick), and either Stone Arrows (1x fiber, 1x stick, 1x stone) or Bone Arrows (1x fiber, 1x stick, 5x bone) – These are what you’ll normally use in case you need to fight/hunt wild animals.
  • Campfire (8x fiber, 8x stick, 24x stone) – You’ll need one to cook food along the way.
  • Oxites – Keep a few of these in your inventory to restore oxygen.
  • Bedroll (20x fiber, 10x stick, 20x fur, 10x leather) and various wooden fixtures – Keep at least one bedroll so it can be used as a makeshift spawn point. Alternatively, you can also construct a small shelter if you want.

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The Scan Locations and Wild Animals

When you’re ready, visit any of the three marked locations for the Livewire Terrain Scan missions in Icarus. In each location, you’ll find a device that allows you to place the Radar that you obtained. Once it “snaps,” press “E” to activate it.

Icarus Livewire Terrain Scan Mission Guide Bears Wolves 1

After activating the beacon, make a run for it and try to stay stealthed several meters away. The device will charge from zero to 100%. However, at 50%, wild animals will magically spawn right next to it, causing it to get deactivated. They will maul you to death if you get detected, which is why you want to stay stealthed.

Here are the animals in each area:

  • Scan Location #1 (north of the dropship) – Two bears.
  • Scan Location #2 (northeast) – Four wolves.
  • Scan Location #3 (southwest around the mountain) – Two cougars.

Icarus Livewire Terrain Scan Mission Guide Bears Wolves 2

The pack of wolves and the two cougars can be eliminated by using sneak attacks with your bow. A clean headshot ought to be enough to kill each mob. The bears are an entirely different matter. If you can’t take them out quickly, you’ll just get ripped apart. At the very least, having a makeshift shelter and bedroll spawn point should help you in case you die.

Likewise, it’s possible to sneak past the animals since they’ll wander off after a few seconds. You can then press “E” to reactivate the device. Once it reaches 100%, hold “F” to put it back in your inventory. Once you’re done in all three areas, make your way back to the dropship to complete the Livewire Terrain Scan mission in Icarus.

Note: There seems to be a bug that prevents people from obtaining currency rewards if they’re playing offline.

Icarus Livewire Terrain Scan Mission Guide Bears Wolves 3

Icarus is available via Steam.

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