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Adam and Upset drama: ‘It’s over, c’est fini’ – Adam attempts to end the situation between the former Fnatic League of Legends teammates after apologising on stream

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The drama between former Fnatic teammates top-laner Adam ‘Adam’ Maanane and bot laner Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp looks to be finally drawing to a close, after Adam read out a new statment on stream apologising for his actions.

Frenchman Adam left Fnatic a week and a half ago after a six-month stint with the London-based organisation, and posted a scathing Twitlonger about his views, claiming he was “treated like shit by Fnatic management and even the players”.

19-year-old Adam also claimed 21-year-old German ADC Upset had wanted him out of the team, and that Adam left because he could not support what was happening any longer. Adam has since been linked with a move to LEC newcomers Team BDS, as has UK ADC xMatty.

The situation started back in October. Hours before Fnatic’s first Worlds 2021 match was due to start, Upset returned home due to an “urgent family matter” which has been kept private, and sub ADC Bean stepped in.

Players were not told by management the exact reason in order to keep Upset’s privacy, and Adam said in his Twitlonger: “Upset just left to join his girlfriend because she felt bad to be alone, and maybe I’m wrong who knows? Anyway those were the last words he said to us before he left us one day before the Worlds.”

Upset disputed this in a Twitlonger, calling it an “outright lie”.

Now, on December 5th 2021, Adam apparently changed his in-game League of Legend summoner name to ‘Lonely Wife UwU’, with some in the community saying it’s a reference to Upset’s wife.

Upset claims he has tried to talk to Adam about the situation but has been ignored by him.

Adam has since apparently changed his summoner name again, to ‘Frustrated Kiddo’.

Upset’s wife Paula also said of Adam: “Thanks to this kid, I receive death threats almost everyday for no reason.”

On December 6th, Adam ran a Twitch stream and provided another update.

He said: “First of all, I would like to apologise to Upset’s wife, because she’s been receiving a lot of hate and death threats. This is something I cannot tolerate. By posting my Twitlonger, I didn’t expect people to throw that much hate towards her. I didn’t know people could be that mean. I deeply condemn these kind of actions, especially when she didn’t ask anything and I don’t even know her.

“Changing my name to ‘Lonely Wife UwU’ was maybe the most stupid idea I’ve ever had in my life. I deserve the reaction I got – I had a lot of hate too after what I did. I thought by doing my Twitlonger I could get over the whole story, but I still had things in my mind and couldn’t get over it and changed my name. I apologise for that.

“We didn’t get a message from encouragement from Upset when he left Worlds, or a message after Worlds. I still cannot get over this, I felt disrespected. This is the only time I could have qualified for Worlds – I might not go to it again – how could I not be mad? It’s why I changed my name. And Fnatic management told me they didn’t know the reason [for Upset’s departure] when they did know.

“He did try to talk to me afterwards but I was frustrated then [and didn’t want to talk]. Upset has his vision of the whole story and I have my own vision. I am the piece of shit and this is completely over for me. I would like to put this story in the past and try to go on. I apologise for being childish and immature – I’ve handled it poorly.

“It’s over – c’est fini.”

Several people in the community have spoken about the next time the two players will face one another in the Spring 2022 LEC, as all eyes look to see them settle their differences on the rift.

Who knows how the situation may change or settle in the future. One thing is for sure – both players are very young and are still learning and developing.

Esports News UK interviewed Adam earlier this year, who spoke about his desire to play at Worlds 2021.

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