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Fnatic announce 2022 LEC roster with troll Twitlonger and video poking fun at LEC Wooloo

Fnatic just announced their 2022 League of Legends LEC player roster with a 15-word Twitlonger post followed by a troll video.

In a sea of cliched and similar roster reveal videos featuring players posing and talking about how well they’re team is going to do, it actually makes for a refreshing change.

Fnatic summoned their inner punk rock for a real ‘IDGAF’ announcement post on Twitter just now, followed by the ‘unfortunately, this tweet was unprofessional and out-of-line’ meme.

Titled ‘Our offseason’, the tweet implied Fnatic would be discussing what happened during a tumultuous and controversial period following Worlds 2021 for them, which saw Bwipo take a break from social media and leave for Team Liquid, and drama ensue between Adam and Upset in a series of updates on Twitter.

Adam also left the team for (reportedly) Team BDS, following a difficult Worlds for Fnatic, which saw Upset leave the team hours before their first match was due to start.

Fnatic then followed this up with a news-style video poking fun at roster reporter LEC Wooloo, aka Brieuc Seeger, who recently joined Upcomer. Fnatic video maestro Pete Nguyen appears as a news host and interviewer of the ‘sheep’.

In Fnatic’s Twitlonger and video, they confirmed the rumoured additions to their team – Wunder in the top-lane, Razork in the jungle and Humanoid in the mid-lane. These join bot-lane duo Upset and Hylissang, who remain at the org.

The newcomers join Fnatic from G2, Misfits and Mad Lions respectively.

The changes are pending approval of Riot Games, with Humanoid set to join from January 1st 2022.

Fnatic founder and CEO Sam Mathews responded to the announcement tweet with a series of ‘Ummmm…….’ tweets and a ‘wtf’ comment.

The news comes a few days after LEC caster Daniel Drakos questioned the cliched nature of League of Legends esports roster announcements.

Fnatic social co-ordinator Davard jokingly tweeted the following:

Earlier this week, Team Vitality announced their 2022 LEC roster featuring Alphari, Perkz and more.

Last month, Riot revealed its League of Legends esports start dates for the Spring 2022 LEC, EU Masters, NLC and ERLs.

Fnatic will be hosting a live AMA stream on Monday December 13th 2021 at 6.30pm GMT with Wunder, Razork, Upset and Hylissang at twitch.tv/fnatic. 

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