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Shadowlands Adventures Details

Shadowlands Adventures Details

As many already know, the new WoW expansion comes out in November. This means that there is very little time left to wait for Shadowlands release. Every day we learn more and more details about World of Warcraft upcoming updates and today we will let you know about Adventures.

What are Shadowlands Adventures?

Actually, this is a feature presented in Warlords of Draenor, but changed and modified. Do you remember sending your companions on the missions to explore surroundings and bring you rewards? This is it. You’ve seen some variations of such adventures in Legion and Battle for Azeroth. But in Shadowlands there is a new Adventures system, which will tell you further.

When do you open Adventures in Shadowlands?

When you reach the Shadowlands expansion content you will need to choose a covenant and join it. After that you will see a table (similar to the tables in the previous expansions) in you Sanctum.

Shadowlands Adventures Interface

Above you can see Shadowlands Adventures Interface. It is pretty similar to what we’ve already seen before. But this time you will need to put some effort into planning your journey. Choose a party of five adventurers that will suit the mission to get the most advantage. The champion that you see are the ones from the Soulbinds you make while playing. Also, you can recruit adventurers through Renown and rescue from within Torghast, Tower of the Damned. These make the total ammount of companions be 15, but you can recruit any Covenant from within Torghast and have 19 companions in potential.

Adventures Battle System

So here is the main update to the well-known missions. In Shadowlands Adventures you will need to manage the battle. First of all, you will need to pick the best positioning for your troops. You will see the battlefield and the enemies, do your task is to place your champions in the correct position in order to counter the opponent. Moreover, you will need to cover your fragile companions to let them deal damage or heal from the back, while the tough ones are fighting in the front.

Adventures Battle System Battlefiled

After the battle, you may want to analyse the fight. That will be possible as you will see the battle reports in the dialogue window afterwards. Like in the picture below.

Battle Analysis Shadowlands Adventures

As a result, any battle ends with a victory and loot or with failure and nothing. So it’s in your best interest not to skip the battle log at once and prepare for the next battle.

Don’t be disappointed about the looks as you will be able to play adventures on your mobile phones in offline with the WoW Companion App. That is why the interface is made universal for all devices. We are eagerly waiting to play them already!

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