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Boxing Day sales 2021 and January sales: what to expect

We’re quickly closing in on this year’s Boxing Day sales and January sales and you don’t have long to wait if you were already thinking about spending that well-earned Christmas pocket money. Toys, furniture, fashion, tech, and well – just about everything you can think of will be on sale in the time-honoured retail event in the UK, so it’s well worth getting prepped ahead of time.

The annual Boxing Day sales represent a sort of ‘last hurrah’ in the busy late-year retail calendar – a natural bookend to the sales that tend to begin around Black Friday in late November. Some consider Boxing Day to be the original Black Friday, especially in the UK, where it’s evoked similar imagery of people queuing up outside department stores waiting to grab a bargain. As you’d imagine, last year’s lockdown really put a damper on high-street sales nationwide (footfall has been declining for a few years now) but the online sales are still very much going strong.

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