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Stillfront acquires Netmarble’s Iron Throne: The Firstborn | Pocket Gamer.biz

Stillfront Group has acquired Iron Throne: The Firstborn from Netmarble for an undisclosed amount.

First launched in May 2018, Iron Throne: The Firstborn is an RPG strategy that features player versus player elements.

By September 2021, the title had reached an average of 100,000 monthly active users and had generated $12 million in bookings in the previous 12 months,

Following the acquisition, the game will be renamed ‘Rise of Firstborn’ and operated by Stillfront subsidiary Kixeye.

Expanded portfolio

“Asset acquisitions continue to be an important part of Stillfront’s growth strategy,” said Stillfront Group CEO Jörgen Larsson.

“‘Iron Throne: The Firstborn’ is a high-quality strategy game with a loyal user base that fits perfect in our portfolio of long-lifecycle games. The game is built on a state-of-the-art game engine which potentially can be used for engine sharing and further scaling within Stillfront.

“Kixeye is a great home for ‘Iron Throne: The Firstborn’ and we look forward to what we can do with the title as a part of the group.”

In November, Stillfront owned Goodgame launched a localised German version of its text-based simulation game, BitLife.

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