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Nintendo’s Boss Shuntaro Furukawa Warns Of Switch Supply Issues In 2022

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Last week, we heard from Intel’s boss how global chip shortages were likely to continue all the way through to 2023, and now we’ve got another update, this time from Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa.

According to Furukawa, year-end sales of the Switch have been quite strong (especially for the OLED model), and Nintendo is now concerned it won’t be able to make as many units as it wants, which could see supply stagnate after the start of 2022.

“it depends on the demand, but as we had feared, we will not be able to produce as many as we want to.”

Here’s the full rundown of what Furukawa had to say via senior analyst David Gibson:

So @Nintendo President was interviewed – 1) Supply of Switch may stagnate after start of 2022, 2) Said year end sales for Switch in 2021 were strong, especially OLED.

Plus, 3) In the US it had logistics problems and resorted to using airfreight to reach stores for Black Friday. 4) had used rail freight in EU for the first time to meet demand.

But said 5) adding that after the New Year, “it depends on the demand, but as we had feared, we will not be able to produce as many as we want to.” – sounds like Guidance might be tough to meet. #NintendoSwitch

Nintendo’s president also mentioned earlier this year in May how Switch production was struggling to keep up with consumer demand. Shortages and supply isuses have been an ongoing issue since the pandemic hit.

Have you had any difficulties acquiring a Nintendo Switch recently? How about an OLED model? Comment down below.

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