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Koei Tecmo Will Unleash Its “Full Power” In 2022, With New Projects That Have Been In Development For Several Years

Image: Koei Tecmo via Nintendo

Video game companies around the globe have been preparing for 2022 for some time now, and it includes Koei Tecmo.

In an end-of-year 4Gamer feature, the Japanese company teased what’s to come in the new year. Apparently, it intends to reveal a number of projects that have been in development for several years and will pave the way for the company’s future. One additional promise was that they would display the “full power of the current Koei Tecmo”.

Team Ninja chimed in – asking fans to look forward to what’s next, including one title directed by Fumihiko Yasada, which is finally taking shape after years of planning. And Yosuke Kikuchi – known for the Fatal Frame series, mentioned how his team would tackle the development of something it’s never done before.

What would you like to see from Koei Tecmo in 2022? Did you play any of the games it released this year? Comment below.

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